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Bjorn toulouse 11:15:58 AM 4-Dec-2012 I have made this kit 5 times now and about to buy another. it takes 12 weeks to make but is well worth the wait. I have never made it just with sugar. 500g light spray 500g sugar - worked well 1kg brew enhancer 1 - quite light and refreashing 1kg brew enhancer 2 - bit heavyer than BE1 but still quite light. my next brew with this will be with 500g dark malt extract 500g brew enhancer 1 top kit
Franko 03:22:28 PM 24-Sep-2015 Excellent lager kit. I have made this twice, first time with BE1 and it was fantastic. Second time I started brewing then realised I had no brew enhancer, so had to go with plain old sugar. For any doubters out there, the BE really does make a big difference. Whilst the batch made with plain sugar is still nice, it is no patch on the one with the BE. The kit comes with a genuine lager yeast so wants to ferment at low temps. Finally, give this a good 8-10 weeks min. in the bottle before drinking.
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