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Bulldog Brews - Four Finger Jack - American Pale Ale

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Bulldog Brews - Four Finger Jack - American Pale Ale

Beer kits for making American Craft beers have not been available until now. The revolutionary Four Finger Jack’s American Pale Ale is a true craft beer kit, created with a very generous dose of American Centennial and Zeus hops and a fine selection of malts. Combined with special US West Coast craft beer yeast, it will produce a highly aromatic beer, bursting with citrus, fruit and pine aromas and a potent bitterness.

The Four Finger Jack American Pale Ale
does not need any sugar addition (except a small amount for priming, just before bottling). Just add water, the rest is in the kit!

Makes 40 Pints
Weight - 3.6kg
19cm x 19.5cm x 16cm
ABV - 4.6%
Bitterness - 45-50 EBU
Colour - 15-20 EBC
Hops - Centennial, Zeus

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