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Hedgerow Starter Kit (5 Gallons)

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Corking Machine
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The Hedgerow Starter Kit comes complete with everything you need to make your first thirty bottles (750ml) of wine using your own garden fruits. The kit includes the Beaverdale equipment starter kit as well as a few extra things you need for making fruit wine. All you need to provide is the fruit, 6.5kg of sugar and some empty wine bottles.


This kit has complete beginners in mind, it is very easy to use, will have the wine ready in about 10 weeks and can make wines up to a strength of 20%ABV!


25 Litre Bucket

5 Gallon Plastic Fermenter

Large Coarse Straining Bag


Sterilising powder

Syphon tube with sediment trap


Hydrometer with hydrometer test tube.

Hedgerow Wine Kit

Corking Machine and 50 corks*



*Choose your preffered corking machine in the drop down box above.

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