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Coopers Brew Enhancer 1

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Coopers Brew Enhancer 1

Coopers has been brewing for over 140 years. Specialising in naturally conditioned ales, our beer is enjoyed by connoisseurs all over the world.

To assist you in making a premium quality beer, Coopers Brewery has developed Brew Enhancer 1.
Intended as a replacement for white sugar with a balance of fermentable and unfermentable sugars,

Coopers Brew Enhancer 1 has been created to produce a creamier head and enhance the body and mouth-feel of your favourite brews.

The overall effect enhances the natural malt flavour and beer quality obtained with Coopers home brew products.

An excellent addition for all beers.

Weight - 1kg
8cm x 13cm x 21cm

The Inn House Brewery Company Ltd, 736 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, G11 6RD, Tel 0141 339 3479, Fax 01259 725522, E-Mail: