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King Keg Bottom Tap

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  • Retail Price £51.75

A bottom tap barrel which includes a tap and a 4 inch cap with a S30 valve. It is suitable for conditioning and dispensing 5 gallons (23litres) of beer. It is not suitable for force carbonation.


The beer is dispensed via gravity from the bottom of the keg and the headspace must be re-pressurized with gas to insure no oxygen is sucked up through the tap. Because the tap is on the bottom of the barrel, the first couple of pints may pour hazy.

This system is designed to be keg conditioned and then dispensed with a Hambleton Bard S30 Gas Cylinder.


It is important to lubricate the cap of the keg with vaseline before use and to insure the cap is securely fitted. A cap spanner is not required for securing the cap but it is useful for removal. We test all barrels before sending them but we recommend that the first thing you do on receiving your keg is to seal it and test it by inserting a small burst of gas and checking for leaks.

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